Earn Commission

You can now earn commission to help pay for your sim rental.  If you are a current customer and rent a full or var sim from us you can refer your friends to us.  You will earn a 25% commission on their first payment. To take advantage of this you will need to email support@oshost.co.uk…


All sims can be backed up to an .OAR file for moving to other providers or for your own peace of mind.  If you require the file for your own security then please ask.  We will generate a backup for you and send it to your paypal email address.


All sims are voice enabled.  ViVox provides voice for opensimulator on a free of charge basis.  We are constantly grateful for their support into the digital virtual world and their support of OpenSimulator. Voice can be disabled on request however.


We use Gloebits as our trusted currency provider.  Gloebits synchronises within the world quite nicely and allows you complete security in handling financial transactions within your sim. If your a creator of items that previously you would have had to give away, using one of our sims now means you can sell these creations and…